Basic Bow Setup

We, at XQuest, take every bow purchase to heart. It's our mission to see every athlete succeed in both form and function.

To that end, we offer a very basic bow setup with every complete bow purchase. A complete bow purchase is made of the following components: riser, limbs, string, arrow rest, plunger, and arrows.

The arrows are a key component to the basic bow setup and therefore must be part of the purchase.

To the best of our ability, without knowing the athlete's shot process or draw length, we will align the arrow with the centre of the plunger, set an average brace height for the length of the bow purchased, we install the knocking points on the string, and set the centre shot of the bow.

All that being said, it is important to understand that this is NOT a tuned bow and that bow tuning can only be performed by the athlete themselves.

This is a complimentary service, and even though the plunger will have been set to align with the centre of your arrows, once we ship, we remove the plunger so as not to damage it. The arrow rest will remain, and ship attached to the bow.

If any component of the complete bow package, listed above, is missing from your order, a basic bow setup will not be performed.