Custom Arrow Purchase

While creating this purchase guide, I kept coming back to my favourite saying: "what is obvious to some, might be amazing to others." So here we are, and I don't think it would be a bad idea, that even if purchasing your custom arrows might be an obvious process, that you read through the guide anyway.

To complete a custom arrow purchase, you will need to select all of the following:

  6 arrows 12 arrows
select the arrow shafts 6 12
select the tips 6 12
select the nocks 6 12
select nock adapter (if applicable) 6 12
select the index fletching 6 12
select the remaining fletchings 12 24
select custom assembly 1 (6 arrow) 1 (12 arrow)


Before purchase, it is important to know what kinds of nocks best fit your string. Nocks come in small and large fittings and this relates to the gap between the nock prongs where the string would sit. Not necessarily the physical size of the nock.

Purchasing the correct sizing is the responsibility of the customer and XQuest does not offer replacements if the wrong sizing was selected. If you are unsure, you are more than welcome to come in to the shop with your bow string and we can absolutely help you with your selections.