Limb Buy Back

Limbs are one of the more expensive components you will be replacing quite often. The most common reason to buy new limbs is to change the draw weight of your bow and the average athlete in training will change there limbs out 2 - 3 times per year.

With this in mind, we offer a limb buy back program on all of our complete bow purchases.

In order to participate in our limb buy back program you must first have bought a complete bow through XQuest Archery. A complete bow is made of the following components: riser, limbs, string, arrow rest, plunger, sight, and arrows.

The way that the program works is as follows: purchase a set of limbs for 129.99 and when you return them to us, you will receive a credit on your next limb purchase of 49.99.

This program is only available to in store purchases in so much as that if you purchased your bow online through XQuest, you can still participate in the limb buy back program if your next limb purchase is in store.

Purchase Price In Store Credit
139.99 max 55.99
119.99 max 45.99
99.99 max 39.99
89.99 max 35.99
79.99 max 29.99
69.99 max 25.99

It is important to note that the quality of your limbs, upon return, is vital. We will not buy back limbs that are warped, misshapen, cracked, or damaged in any way.

The value of your in store credit is dependent on the quality of your limbs upon return and can be evaluated on site by our expert staff.

Offer limited to specific ILF entry level limbs; type and colour may vary. 

Clearance items and bolt-on limbs not included.

NOTE: if credit received is greater than your next purchase, the remaining balance of the credit remains on account. Credits are NOT redeemable for cash.