Range Booking Rules

Shooting during Course Sessions

  1. When there are classes in session, members MUST book range time using the XQuest Member Range Booking Portal on the homepage of the XQuest website.
  2. Time slots can be booked as far as seven (7) days in advance and not later than thirty (30) minutes before the start time.
  3. If you are unable to make your booked time slot you MUST unbook your slot so that another member is able to use the range in your place. Failure to do so more than once could result in your booking privileges being revoked. 
  4. Arriving late to your time slot does not extend your time in the range past the original end time.
  5. When classes are in session, members MUST follow the lead of the class with regards to shooting, and arrow retrieval. As we are always following range safety it is poor etiquette to keep the class waiting on you as they have the priority at that time.