Range Safety and Equipment Rules

Range Safety Rules

  1. The shooting line must be called “CLEAR” before shooting can begin.  The last shooter on the line shall call “CLEAR” when they have completed shooting.
  2. No one shall approach the targets until all shooting has been completed and the range has been declared “CLEAR”.  The last person to return from retrieving arrow shall confirm there is nobody down range and call the range “CLEAR” to commence shooting.
  3. When you are done shooting, step back from the shooting line to the orange waiting line to indicate that you have completed shooting.
  4. No archer may draw a bow with an arrow except when standing on the shooting line and the line is clear for shooting.
  5. Non-shooters must stay behind the orange waiting line when there are people shooting on the line.  Club approved Coaches are exempt.
  6. No archer may draw back the string of a bow using any technique that would intentionally, or unintentionally, result in an arrow hitting the ceiling, the walls, or the floor.
  7. If you drop an arrow and you cannot reach it, do not step beyond the shooting line to retrieve that arrow until the range is called “CLEAR”.
  8. Target centers are NOT to be placed over the seam between target cubes.  Archers are asked to move their target regularly to ensure even wear on the target system and not cause undo damage.

Equipment Rules

  1. NO broadhead arrows or field points are to be shot on the range target system.
  2. NO crossbows are allowed in the range.
  3. Recurve and compounds may not exceed 50 pounds draw weight. 
  4. All World Archery equipment rules are followed, including arrow diameter.

Equipment must be inspected prior to first use in the range.

We reserve the right to inspect equipment at any time. If you are found to be in violation of the equipment rules, you will be asked to leave and the remainder of your time in the range will be forfeit.

If you are found to be unsafe or in violation of any of the above rules at anytime during your drop in booking, you will be asked to leave immediately and your remaining time will be forfeit. In order to participate in any future drop ins you will need to have completed a minimum of a level one course.

We take everyone's safety seriously.