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Xquest Archery

Range Safety Evaluation

Range Safety Evaluation

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From May 20 re-opening June 03 — range safety evaluations are closed due to the move. Check back on June 3rd to book your eval!

The evaluation is approximately 15 - 30 minutes in length and does not formally assess the athletes skills or development in the sport.

In order to succeed, the athlete must demonstrate to the evaluator that they are capable of operating safely within the archery range, unsupervised. As such, no instruction is provided and there will be no interference from the evaluator on any of the following; equipment assembly, range safety, athlete performance or process. 

Interference WILL occur if you are observed making errors that are blatantly unsafe.

Should you pass, a $25.00 discount will be applied to the purchase of your first membership with XQuest Archery.

Should you fail, a $25.00 discount will be applied to the purchase of your choice of archery lessons through XQuest Archery. And an explanation of why you were unsuccessful will be provided.

This is NOT a private lesson and no instruction is provided during the evaluation.

This evaluation may only be attempted once in a 6 month period.

Applicants MUST be 16+ to attempt the evaluation.


When purchasing multiples of this item the information provided is unique to each individual participant.


Archers must be 16+ at time of evaluation.

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