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Instructional Bridging Class

Instructional Bridging Class

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For Youth 12+ and Adults.

The class is a single class taken prior to the upcoming session start date. The class is 1 hour and 15 minutes in length beginning at 7.15P and ending at 8.30P.

It is designed to assess the current skills of the athlete and then impart any remaining skills that would be necessary for the athlete to know in order to be successful in the level 2 programming taught here at XQuest.

SESSION 6 - JULY 02 - AUG 01
SESSION 7 - AUG 20 - SEP 14

What to expect! (click to expand)

A bridging class in the context of archery typically refers to a class or program designed to help students transition smoothly from one facility or archery program to another. In your case, it means that you have already taken some archery lessons at a different facility, and now you want to continue your archery journey by taking lessons at here at XQuest, where we have different instructors, rules, and teaching methods.

The purpose of this bridging class is to assess your existing knowledge, skills, and experience in archery and ensure that you can seamlessly integrate into our program. 

This class will begin with an overview of the specific rules, safety guidelines, and protocols followed here at XQuest; otherwise known as range safety and is required for all first times athletes at our facility. This step ensures that you understand and can adhere to the unique requirements of this new environment.

Next, we will provide an assessment where we assess your current level of proficiency in archery. We do this through observation, conversation, and even some informal shooting to gauge your abilities.

Finally, we will address any differences: since each archery program has its own teaching methods and techniques, the bridging class aims to address any gaps in your knowledge or skills that might exist due to these differences.

The instructors will then help you adapt to the new equipment, shooting range layout, techniques, and target distances used at the new facility. This might include getting accustomed to different types of bows, arrows, and other archery gear.

Once you have gone through the bridging class, the instructors will determine the most appropriate level or class within the new facility's program for you. They will try to find the right balance between challenging you to improve and ensuring you feel comfortable in your new learning environment.

This bridging class is also an opportunity for you to gain confidence in your archery skills and get to know the instructors and fellow archers at the new facility.

Remember that the goal is to help you smoothly transition to your new archery training setting and make the most of your learning experience. Embrace the opportunity to learn from different instructors and practice in a different setting, as it can enrich your archery journey and make you a more well-rounded archer.


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Archers must be 12+ at time of course.


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