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Xquest Archery

Archery 101: Foundations (level one) 10+

Archery 101: Foundations (level one) 10+

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2024 Session 7 - Beginning the week of August 20th (only 4 weeks).

2024 Session 8 - Beginning the week of September 17th (only 4 weeks).

SAME location, NEW unit. Across the parking lot at 800 Industrial Ave Unit 10 as of May 28th.

This 5-week, 7.5 hour course offers 1 1/2 hours per week of in range instruction and shooting time and is for individuals who have never shot a bow, taken formal archery lessons or need a refresher on shot execution. Lessons are available to youth 10 and older and adults.

XQuest Archery Academy provides all equipment for the classes and equipment will be sanitized after use.

Range safety and etiquette are emphasized and the FUNdementals of target archery are covered. The new archer can focus on establishing a foundation on which to begin to build their knowledge and skill. Topics covered are:

Range safety and etiquette (first class is mandatory);

Eye dominance;

Stance (correct shooting posture);

Correct bow hand position; and

Facial reference (anchor)

ATTENTION: The first class of this course requires mandatory attendance as range safety is covered. Failure to attend will result in expulsion from the class and no refunds or transfers will be considered.


Adults of youth under the age of 12 are required to remain at the facility while their youth is engaged in programming.

XQuest Archery Academy also offers an End of Session fun competition for our class participants for a nominal fee.  Archers will be introduced to archery's competition format, be given official practice and instruction on scoring and shoot a 30 arrow indoor score.

This is a great opportunity to test the skill archers have worked on throughout the course.

Space is limited, please speak to one of our coaches is you are interested.

** purchase of the lesson programming does NOT include an XQuest archery membership.


  • Please ensure you arrive 10 minutes prior to your confirmed class start time to sign in with your coach.
  • Please do not wear loose clothing or long earrings as these might get caught in, or interfere with, the string. 
  • Also, please ensure you wear closed toed shoes (like runners) as you would not be able to participate otherwise.
  • On wet days, please ensure you bring a clean, dry pair of closed toed shoes and remove your wet footwear in the front entrance hallway. Wet shoes are not permitted in the archery range.


When purchasing multiples of this item the information provided is unique to each individual participant.


Archers must be 10+ at time of course.

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